About NextGen Life Insurance Located in Lee’s Summit, MO

Thanks for checking out NextGen Life Insurance. My name is Clint Haynes and I’m the founder and head writer. I am stoked you made it here!About NextGen Life Insurance

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to all the top rated life insurance companies, we are always trying to find the lowest rates available.

I’m also a Certified Financial Planner® and have been in the financial services industry since 2001. I created NextGen Life Insurance because, let’s face it, life insurance can be confusing. Even being a CFP®, I can get lost by all the different types and nuances associated with the seemingly endless kinds of life insurance.

I’ve received thousands of crazy life insurance questions over the years so I thought why not create a website that addresses all of those questions through blogs to ensure you can get completely unbiased and honest advice.

Sometimes that can be tough to find when it comes to the insurance industry. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can get sold some type of policy that’s not right for you…and believe it or not, it’s still pretty common.

If I can prevent just one person from being “sold” a policy that’s not right for them, then I’ve done my job here at NextGen Life Insurance. Finding the right policy to protect your family shouldn’t be high pressured and uncomfortable.

Take heart in knowing that the content we produce for you here is the exact same advice I would give to a family member.

About Me On a Personal Level

As for me personally, I’ve been married since 2008 to my wife Christa. She keeps me on the straight and narrow with her type A personality. In other excitement, she works for a candy company that owns Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales and Peeps. We have a closet full of candy that would make even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory jealous.Clint Haynes, CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

I’m also a complete craft beer dork. I have no idea how many breweries I’ve been to in the country but it has to be well into the hundreds. If I had to choose my favorite, it would have to be Ballast Point in Little Italy, San Diego or the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens not far down the road. If you’re ever in San Diego, I highly recommend checking both out.

Going along with my craft beer dorkiness, I also attempt to brew my own beer. I’ve been at since 2014, so I guess I probably wouldn’t be considered a novice anymore but you would have to taste the beer to make your own decision. Let’s face it, some come out better than others.

So that’s it for me and NextGen Life Insurance. I hope you enjoy the site and it’s able to address your questions and get you moving in the right direction. Be sure to check out our quote engine for free instant life insurance quotes.

Clint Haynes is also a Certified Financial Planner® and Financial Advisor in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the founder and owner of NextGen Wealth. You can learn more at the NextGen Wealth.