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Eating disorders are a health concern that are usually not discussed. Most people have no idea that they may have someone in their family suffering from an eating disorder. Many only find out when telltale physical or mental health signs start to appear. If you are here today reading this article, then you or somebody.. More

Getting life insurance in place is hard enough and can be stressful…but getting life insurance with adrenal insufficiency can be even harder. You have to go through the process of: Finding the right company Getting the right amount of coverage that you can afford Filling out the application Taking the exam Waiting for the results.. More

American International Group, or more popularly known as AIG, is an international insurance and finance company that operates in more than 80 countries worldwide. In the US, it offers some of the most diverse set of life insurance policies. In our AIG Life Insurance review, we’ll take a look at what they have to offer,.. More

There is no denying that life insurance is hard for some people to understand especially when you through variable life insurance into the equation. There is no denying that life insurance is hard for some people to understand especially when you through variable life insurance into the equation. Figuring out the right amount of coverage,.. More

The company was chartered in April of 1862 as John Hancock Mutual Insurance Company and, of course, the name comes from a prominent US patriot. Fast forward to the year 2000, the original company formally ceased to exist and a new one, John Hancock Financial Services, became the new one. Four years later, Manulife Financial.. More

Are you or someone you love part of the 102 million Americans whose cholesterol levels are too high? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that’s how many people are over the 200 total cholesterol mark. Of those people, 35 million have levels over 240, which puts them at high risk to.. More

New York Life Insurance Company is the third biggest insurance provider in the US and claims the top spot when it comes to mutual funds. With total assets of more than $570 billion, they manage a big portion of the wealth of US residents both in insurance and other financial products. Operating since 1845, their.. More

No matter your age, a bladder cancer diagnosis (or any cancer, for that matter) can be absolutely devastating to receive. Especially if you had put off getting life insurance and then got diagnosed. Now, you have to worry about treatment plans, possible surgery, hospital stays, and other health concerns that may happen along the way… More

So, how did Protective Life Insurance come about? Let me quickly share with you their story. When Theodore Roosevelt was in his 7th year as the President of the United States, Governor William Dorsey Jelks started Protective Life Insurance Company (1907). In 1927, the company joined forces with Alabama National Insurance Company and its president,.. More