Pre-Existing Conditions

You may be reading this article because you just went to the doctor and found out you have high cholesterol and now you’re wondering if you can still get life insurance. Or, maybe you already knew you had high cholesterol and now you want to know how that will affect your odds of getting life.. More

If you (or your spouse) has been diagnosed with cervical cancer recently or in the past, you may be wondering if you are eligible to get life insurance. The short answer: Yes! Of course, there are specific limitations. For instance, if you were recently diagnosed and haven’t gone through treatment yet, you will be denied.. More

When it comes to matters of the heart, people are understandably concerned with their chances of getting life insurance with an irregular heartbeat. Some conditions are considered mild and of no concern, while others are very serious and could get you denied. Having an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, does not mean you will be denied.. More

Getting insurance for people with heart problems is significantly more difficult compared to those on a better health class rating simply because of the higher health risk involved. What are your chances of getting life insurance approval with a defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker installed? Here’s the quick answer: You can still get approved for life.. More

When you are diagnosed with a health condition, especially one related to the heart, it can cause you to panic if you’re trying to find life insurance with an atrioventricular block. Finding the right life insurance policy, going through the application process, and getting approved can seem overwhelming. Let us calm your fears and help.. More

Some people think that once they are diagnosed with thrombocytopenia or any disease, it automatically disqualifies them for life insurance. They give up before they even try, wrongly assuming that the company will take one look at their application and stamp it with a big red DENIED! If you’re one of those people, we hope.. More

Each year, 600,000 people die in the US because of heart disease, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s the number one cause of death in America, with 1 out of every 4 deaths being linked to a certain heart or cardiovascular disease. Based on these figures alone, it’s quite easy to.. More

Have you been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and wonder how that affects getting a life insurance policy? Have you been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and wonder how that affects getting a life insurance policy? You are not alone. There are over 400 kinds of anemia and it affects over 3.5 million people just.. More

Trying to get life insurance with Cushing’s Syndrome does not mean you are automatically disqualified.. But the treatment, prognosis, and your current health are going to be the deciding factors on what coverage, if any, you’re able to get. Let’s find out more about Cushing’s syndrome and how to qualify for your best price when.. More